PUSEW Protect American Energy Workers

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BP's Safety & Environmental Record

ABOUT Energy

Our mission is to protect America’s energy workers from unnecessary dangers as they supply the country with the energy it needs to grow and prosper. We will work to highlight poor performers within the U.S., and push for the necessary measures to address oversight, recklessness, and destruction caused by poor performers operating in our borders. By highlighting bad actors, other companies and their employees may be spared the economic devastation resulting from broad policies such as the recent Gulf moratorium on drilling, which have deprived so many small businesses and families of employment.

U.S. energy workers make great personal sacrifices, including the hardships of months at sea, to provide us the necessary fuels to light our schools, drive our cars, and heat our homes... READ MORE>>

What's Happening

Highlighting reckless behavior and inappropriate actions by bad actors will show just how far outside the boundaries of industry ‘norms’ rogue players are acting. Highlighting this may help secure economic security for those who are dependent on this industry for their livelihood.

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BP has proven time and again that it does not care for the American worker; it’s time for the U.S. to stand up and tell BP we do not care for them. Speak up and be heard.